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Tron Jordheim has been a conference panelist, keynote speaker, and session presenter.

Tron Jordheim gets great reviews from attendees who sit in for his panels, keynotes, or sessions, at trade-shows and industry conferences.  He puts a lot of audience specific preparation into his public speaking engagements.

Corporate Events

Business Networks

Corporate Events

Corporate events are more fun when you have a public speaker like Tron Jordheim.

Need to motivate your group?  Have a message you need everyone to take seriously? Get a great mix of entertainment and education when Tron Jordheim does public speaking for you.

Business Networks

Business Networks

Business Networks

The first Hawai'i Un-Conference put on by Tron Jordheim and Liz Langsteiner.

Tron Jordheim will help your networking attendees have a great time, make new connections, and  find new business opportunities. 

At 1 Million Cups St. Louis

Talking with the people at 1 Million Cups St. Louis at T-Rex in April 2019 about the sales training and employee engagement game I helped create: StarShip Junkyard. 

About Starship Junkyard

Playfulness is one of the most effective moods of training and learning. Starship Junkyard is one way to laugh through your challenges and come to creative solutions. 

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There are too many great comments to list them all, but you can see a sampling by clicking the button below. 

A few prior public speaking engagements

The list of events and conferences where Tron Jordheim has done public speaking panels, keynotes, and sessions, is long...but here are some highlights.

IQPC Middle Market Chief Marketing Officer Conference


Mid Missouri PRSA (Public Relations Society of America)

The “What if…?” Conference

University of Missouri Trulaske School of Business

1 Million Cups

TEDx Westminster College

KOPN Radio

Rotary Clubs

Self Storage Asia Conference

Canadian Self Storage Association 

Self Storage Association United Kingdom

Self Storage Association of Spain

US Self Storage Association National Fall Meeting

US Self Storage Association National Spring Meeting

US Self Storage Association Executive Ski Workshop

Inside Self Storage World Expo

California Self Storage Association

Arizona Self Storage Association

Texas Self Storage Association

Florida Self Storage Association

Georgia Self Storage Association

Maine Self Storage Association

Illinois Self Storage Association

New York Self Storage Association

New Jersey Self Storage Association

Michigan Self Storage Association

Wisconsin Self Storage Association

Missouri Self Storage Association

Kansas Self Storage Association

Self Storage Investing Academies

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