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Tron Jordheim, managing partner at Jordheim Consulting

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Your challenge is our challenge

We thrive on solving your challenges, maximizing your opportunities, and helping you decide a path forward.  Whether we are talking sales systems and management, marketing strategies and implementation, operational efficiency and effectiveness, people development, executive coaching, or a SWOT analysis, we'll put you first.  Our business consulting approach helps identify quick wins and long-term opportunities for system wide improvements.


Sometimes you have to laugh

Sometimes the best business consulting results come when things lighten up.  We will take your project very seriously. But we don't always take ourselves too seriously. We are excellent at finding the "one little big thing" that can drive significant progress. 


Sometimes you have to be serious

We'll use our business consulting expertise to find the best path forward for your business. Bring us your issues, challenges and opportunities. We'll help you identify the best solution, and drive the implementation. 


"...you should work with someone like Tron..."

"I first worked with Tron in 2011 when he organized the Hawaii Self Storage unConference. Tron had seen me at internet marketing conferences and wanted me to lead a mini internet marketing and conversion science course at the unconference. Very few self storage operators were practicing conversion science in 2011 and Tron was one of the people leading the pack to master the topic. If you are going to work with a consultant, you should work with someone like Tron who is forward thinking, always learning, and always sharing. I especially like that the unconference left enough time for me and my family to get to enjoy Hawaii. What a great time!"

-Brain Massey, Austin, TX

Founder, Conversion Sciences

“I've been working with Tron for several years..."

“I've been working with Tron for several years..."

“I've been working with Tron for several years..."

"I really appreciate his attention to detail and follow up on pending issues. He brings a level of awareness to the issues at hand that makes working with him a pleasure. If you are looking for someone that is willing to listen to your needs and then find a way to fill them, I would recommend giving Tron a call.”

-David Federico, Sarasota, FL

President, OptiWell MD

Being aware of the entire company ecosystem makes for more successful business consulting engagements. 

“If you are a "Sales Sponge..."

“I've been working with Tron for several years..."

“I've been working with Tron for several years..."

“If you are a "Sales Sponge", then Tron Jordheim is your water source. When the Sales world squeezes you dry, Tron is your Oasis.”

-Laurie Cox, Columbia, MO

Freelance Digital Marketing Manager 

The sales world can sure squeeze you dry.  Your sales team needs a business consulting approach that allows them to refresh themselves often. 

“More exciting than the 1982 classic and 2010 reboot combined!"

"I recently MC'ed the Self-Storage Expo Asia partner conference in Hong Kong where Tron Jordheim was a keynote speaker.

I did not previously know Mr Jordheim and, seeing his very large PowerPoint deck before his speaking slot, was concerned about a dramatically overtime presentation.

I was delighted when not only did he run on time, but gave a well-researched and thoughtful presentation that had clearly been the product of a great deal of effort in composition and rehearsal. It was relevant and useful and many a delegate snapped photos of slides as he moved briskly through his presentation.

In my wide experience in producing and directing similar events Mr Jordheim displayed a rare degree of commitment in delivering a wonderful presentation. The delegates were delighted and I'm sure were keen to follow up with him in the future.

I am happy to take any questions on this front and wholeheartedly recommend Mr Jordheim as a speaker for any future business conference or other engagement”

-Andrew Work, Hong Kong

Master of Ceremonies. Founder of The Lion Rock Institute

Business consulting means good preparation and keen cultural sensitivity. 


Implementing Sales Systems

Implementing Sales Systems

Implementing Sales Systems

"With Tron's help selecting and installing a new phone system and CRM was as painless as possible and caused very little disruption for our sales team

Tron's insight and feedback on a number of sales matters, pricing, sales management, language choices, practice tips really helped our sales team. "

-Ben Muzzey, Columbia, MO

Sales Manager, Spirit of 76 Fireworks

Sales Training

Implementing Sales Systems

Implementing Sales Systems

"Tron is able to make you feel good about sales. For both our clients and our team he has simple techniques and examples that demystify the entire process. His focus on people and the human aspect of sales gets rid of the guilt or pressure around sales so our people can just be themselves and connect with customers."

-Collin Bunch, Columbia, MO

Entrepreneurship Coordinator, REDI

Conversion Rate Consulting

Implementing Sales Systems

Conversion Rate Consulting

“Working with Tron was very helpful for our company sales effort and structure.

His insight was clear, concise and actionable.

Tron recommended that we institute a "qualifying" form on our website for sales inquiries, and it has made a huge difference in our sales response and data collection.

We now have a better grip on who is contacting us, and that they are a good fit before we respond”

-Kristen Graham Brown, Columbia, MO

Founder, Hoot Design Co

Working with Tron was extremely helpful in refining our sales strategies

Working with Tron was extremely helpful in refining our sales strategies at The Evoke Group. We were at a stage with our business where we needed to stabilize a consistent flow of opportunities after growing to a staff size that required a heavier workload than in prior years. We never had a sales staff, so holding our organization accountable to hit key sales metrics felt like a crap-shoot as a team of creative producers. Tron helped us refine who our target client was, how we should adjust our pricing, how to pre-qualify leads and quickly end "wasteful" conversations, as well as how to make sure we were still having fun and serving our original vision vs. just selling to sell in order to keep up with our financial needs. I would highly recommend him to improve your sales operations!

-Adam Weber, Denver, CO

Co-Founder, The Evoke Group

Matt Murrie's Recommendation

Matt Murrie is the Chief Learning Officer at Belouga . He is the author of The Book of What if...? Matt and Tron have worked on a few projects together and have a few more in "the works". 

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Comments From Attendees

Here is what participants and attendees have said about Tron Jordheim’s keynote presentations and training seminars. These comments are from evaluation surveys and post event emails.

“The actual training is more specific than I thought it would be; it is helpful to discuss concerns and assurances.”

“I also learned better closing techniques and price stalls, price concerns and objection techniques that will help me close better and faster.”

“I did expect that you had a sales process that was proven, but your calls really put your success into perspective.”

“Tron’s expertise is valuable.”

“I simply expected today’s seminar to be a creative pep talk. I was both surprised and pleased to learn new methods to address specific situations while selling to customers over the phone.”

“The seminar was also conducted very professionally and I picked up a lot that I will implement at my facility.”

“Good Presentation that met my expectations”

“Great sales ideas and how to close more sales. At least one idea to take away (more than I expected!)”

“My expectations were that we would come away with alternate techniques to secure rentals and increase our call conversion percentages. I feel my expectations were met because we are leaving with several new ideas to achieve this goal.”

“I want to incorporate the, “Price Stall” techniques and the, “Advantages” script into our call outline.”

“Praiseworthy phrases were: “so that” and “which means”.”

“Praiseworthy: The entire session!”

“My expectations were met; we’ve heard lots of good things about your seminars so my expectations were high coming in.”

“We’re going to create a script based on the techniques we’ve learned today that definitely utilize the price stalls and assurances/concerns.”

“I liked the intimate setting and lunch was good. You relate to people well and put them at ease. Well-spoken, I’m glad you didn’t try to sell us anything.”

“When I came in today I expected to pick up some new sales tactics. I was also a little afraid that the seminar would be an opportunity for Tron to sell us add-on services. I thought the seminar was great, definitely exceeded my expectations. I learned a great deal today and I’m looking forward to going back to work and implementing them."

“For me, learning new responses for potential customers’ concerns is one of the things that I look forward to practicing in the near future. Also, I think that the, “which will” and “so that” phrases will help me feel confident in informing customers about our features & their advantages.”

“I thought the whole presentation was great. I learned so much today. Almost all of the topics we discussed today will be incredibly helpful to me the next time I have a rental inquiry. I feel I have more confidence in reeling a potential client during an inquiry call. I can’t wait to go home and start using my new tools!”

“The positive things I learned from this seminar were how to be more confident in selling and making a reservation and questions to ask and different phrases to use. Also different approaches to sell to different people.”

“This training session has made me feel a lot more comfortable when speaking in front of people. I realized today that I had more knowledge than I give myself credit for. The new skills that I have learned today, I will apply to getting more customers through the door.”

“The training has been very helpful as it has given me more confidence to be able to close the sale by obtaining a reservation. What helped the most was learning the phrases, “the price is only $xx, which is a great price for the area” and, “this means that” when explaining features.”

“During the meeting a lot of things were covered. I believed it to be very helpful and knowledgeable. Everything that was covered today will come into great use for all of our employees.”

“Good meeting! Very knowledgeable.”

“Overall it was great having the opportunity to participate in this seminar. I think it was far more effective than just listening to the tapes.”

“Great!” “Tron was helpful in every aspect of the presentation and in selling and closing.”

“I’m glad I was here. I would like to do a follow-up.”

“I thought it was quite helpful. I picked up a tip or two”

“Great suggestions”

“His seminar was not only limited to phone calls but it included techniques on how to read a customer without selling”

“Informative, Extensive and Overall Great”

“It was good to rethink my approach to phone. I got at least 1 idea of how to talk to a spouse needed objection”

“ I like Tron’s Attitude and his presentation”

“This Session exceeded my expectations. It was totally different from other seminars because Tron was speaking on my level.

I learned ideas to put into action at my site”

“ Informative and well organized”

“ I’m very excited with new ideas”

“ Very Informative”

“ Very informative and fun overall”

“ Tron’s a great speaker a real motivator”

“ It was great, kept my attention the whole time”

“ Well done”

“ It gave me a different aspect about how to answer some people’s responses”

“ Good job, a lot of helpful hints”

“That was a waste of my time” (C’mon, you can’t make everyone happy, can you?)

“I learned to be more positive”

“ It was well done and it was well enjoyed”

“ My expectation was fully met and I feel like I’m walking away with a lot of valuable info that I can use”

“ Learned more ways to create urgency and stay off price until I have built value in my property”

“I learned how to ask for the sale in different ways”

“ Tron is very good to see and hear in person”

“ Very clearly taught simple to learn material because of the way it was taught”

“ 5 star rating. It was the best workshop I have attended and I have attended a lot. I learned real world industry news and techniques that further my understanding and confirmed my suspicions and my prior knowledge. I learned more at this then I would have at with other methods of reading or video”

“ Kept interest of attendees. There was good participation and questions to keep people engaged. Easy to absorb methods and good examples”

“ Did great presentation”

“ Reinforced a lot of things I currently do and learned a few new angles”

“Tron, your presentation was outstanding. I couldn't wait to get back and have my staff read over my notes. The new phrases and tools you have given us are making an immediate impact. Everyone is asking customers if they need our service no matter what reason they are calling for. I think we will see a definite increase in phone scores and leads will be turned into more customers. I just don't know what to say really. The presentation was great. It was fresh, you kept everyone's attention. I wouldn't change a thing. Thanks so much and I look forward to working with you in the future.