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Looking for business consultants in Columbia, MO?

Contact Tron Jordheim in Columbia MO first. If your business and management consultant project is not the right fit for him, he can point you to other skilled and effective business consultants in Columbia, MO, who can help you. Tron Jordheim typically handles sales and marketing systems improvements, sales training, people development, sales and marketing strategy,  SWOT analysis for new projects or new markets, executive coaching, and other topics. There are other business consultants in Columbia, MO who can help with a variety of other projects. Below are some of the people Tron Jordheim recommends. 

Business consultants in Columbia, Missouri

Gerke and Associates

Gerke and Associates  at 2105 S Country Club Dr, Columbia, MO 65201, specializes in long term planning, generational transitions,  operational metrics, distribution, and other areas. More business and management consultant information is available from Gerke and Associates at https://www.gerke.com/

Aperio Consulting Group

The Aperio Consulting Group is a business and management consulting group located at 28 N 8th St #401, Columbia, MO 65201, specializes in creating functional workplaces by helping companies understand and develop the emotional intelligence in their teams.  More information is available https://www.thinkaperio.com/ columbia, mo

Hoot Design Co

Hoot Design  is at 1023 E Walnut St, Columbia, MO 65201. It specializes in brand development and presentation through good story telling.  You can contact Hoot Design in Columbia, MO at https://www.hootdesignco.com/about

The Evoke Group

The Evoke Group is located at 505 Fay St # 204, Columbia, MO 65201 and is a visual design company specializing in video production. More information is available at https://theevokegroup.com/

Steve Twitchell Productions

Steve Twitchell Productions is located at 101 Corporate Lake Dr # B, Columbia, MO 65203. A media production house that creates television and radio ads,  voice over services and more.  Get information at http://stevetwitchellproduction.com/services.htm


Regional Economic Development, inc promotes business development in Columbia, Missouri and Boone County, Missouri through a host of services and programs including business and management consulting. Find out more at https://www.columbiaredi.com/ columbia mo

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Our office is co-located with the REDI Hub. We are in the large parking structure that sits on what used to be  a part of Sharp End. Sharp End was the heart of the Black business district in Columbia, Missouri, before it was razed to build the post office, a parking lot,  and other buildings. 

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500 East Walnut Street, Columbia, Missouri 65201, United States